Wheels Tracks & Rollers (WTRs) Course

Roller, Wheels (commonly known as Loader, Scraper, Grader, Off Road Dump Truck, Wheeled Crane), Tracks (commonly known as Excavator, Military track vehicle)

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What Course do I need?

You want to drive Wheels, Tracks, Roller machinery on a company worksite:

You need to complete a WTR Worksite Competency Course to prove you are trained and competent.  If you have a Full New Zealand Drivers Licence you can also achieve the W – T – R Endorsements to drive this equipment on the road.  If this is the case you will want to book the WTR Endorsement Course which includes the Competency licence.  The competency licence is for the worksite but often this machinery is unloaded on to the road, or is operating next to road, which requires the operator to be licenced for the road.

You only need training on one type of machine:

You can just do the course for WHEELS or ROLLER or TRACKS.  However, often the same regulations apply so it is great value for money to do all three.  If you can already drive the tracks machinery you will be able to be assessed on all 3 under the Experienced Operators Course because it doesn’t take long to learn the others.  If you know the others but haven’t used a tracks machine you will require the Beginner Operators Course

Ready to Book?

Here are your options:

Train at your site:

Book training - Your Site

We can come to your company site for one to 100+ drivers.  This allows drivers to return to normal work duties once finished and to be assessed in an environment they are used to and will continue to operate in.  We can do this at a time that suits you.

Do your theory ONLINE:

Book training - ONLINE

You can complete theory online and the practical assessment can be done either at our site or for a small additional charge at your Auckland located company site

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Online - OUR site - YOUR site - we do it all!

Online - OUR site - YOUR site - we do it all!

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Need to get your D Endorsement?

Check out our options for online with the asessment at our site or yours. Instead of online we can do face to face training at your site or ours as well. Choose a date at one of our 3 fabulous locations or email as the dates you would like us to come to you.

Here at ASWEFA we fit in with your training needs AND your daily work needs!