FAQs – Wheels, Tracks & Rollers (WTR) Course

How often do I have to renew my WTR licence?
Do you need a licence to drive a digger or bulldozer?
Do you need a full drivers licence for WTR?
How do I get my WTR Licence?
What is wheels tracks and rollers
What is a WTR/RTW Licence?
How do I train to be a digger driver?
How much does a WTR Licence cost?
What is WTR endorsement?
What jobs could I do with a Wheels, Tracks, Roller Endorsement?
Why should I have Authority to Operate the WTR?
Do I need a Drivers Licence to get WTR?
What is WTR?
Can I get my endorsement with a Drivers Licence from another country?
Can I get my endorsement with a Restricted Licence?
How old do you have to be to get a WTR Licence?
Why is it important to renew my WTR Competency licence?
How long is the W – T – R Endorsement valid?
How long is a WTR Competency Licence valid?