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ASWEFA has two locations:

You can come to our site at: ASWEFA West Auckland, 3 Tolich Place, Henderson. ASWEFA South Auckland, 6 Fairfax Ave, Penrose - Directions for both locations

Theory Online:

You can complete theory online and the practical can be done either at our ASWEFA site or your Auckland located company site.

Next Steps

Review our courses: Forklift, Wheels Tracks & Rollers, Elevated Work Platforms, Dangerous Goods.

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Running in RED LIGHT level

Business as Usual in Red Traffic Light System - Get your back up staff trained now!

ASWEFA will continue to run as usual with our health practices in place to ensure safety for all of our customers and staff. Anyone accessing our site will need to provide their vaccine passport, if your drivers don't have this our fully vaccinated instructors can come to your site to complete your training requirements.

Get back up drivers trained now so you can continue to operate business as normal when the inevitable staff shortage occurs.