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ASWEFA has two locations:

You can come to our site at: ASWEFA West Auckland, 3 Tolich Place, Henderson. ASWEFA South Auckland, 6 Fairfax Ave, Penrose - Directions for both locations

Theory Online:

You can complete theory online and the practical can be done either at our ASWEFA site or your Auckland located company site.

Next Steps

Review our courses: Forklift, Wheels Tracks & Rollers, Elevated Work Platforms, Dangerous Goods.

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Covid Lockdown Level 4

Make use of your time during lockdown by reducing your training requirements in Level 2.

Purchase training for only $20 now, balance due on the date of assessment. You will only need a 1/2 hour assessment at Level 2 instead of a 1/2 day course for experienced/renewals. You will only need a 1/2 day at Level 2 instead of a full day for beginner training.