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FAQs - Forklift Courses

What jobs could require a forklift driver do?
How do I get my forklift licence?
Can I drive any forklift now I have a forklift licence?
How often do I have to renew my forklift licence?
How much does a forklift licence cost?
Do I need a current forklift licence?
How long does it take to get my forklift licence?
How hard is it to get a forklift licence?
Can you drive a telehandler with a forklift licence?
Do forklift attachments need to be certified
Can I drive a Reach on my Counterbalance forklift licence?
Do I have to have a drivers licence to get a forklift licence?
Can I drive a forklift without a licence?
Why should I have Authority to Operate the forklift?
How much does it cost to get my F Endorsement?
How long is a forklift licence current?
Do I need to renew my forklift licence if I have an F Endorsement?
What is F Endorsement?
Should my forklift licence show the forklift I drive?
How old do you have to be to get a forklift licence?
Do I need a forklift operator certificate to operate a pedestrian operated (walk behind) forklift?
I have come back from Australia, will my Australian forklift licence work here?

Online - OUR site - YOUR site - we do it all!

Online - OUR site - YOUR site - we do it all!

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