Check out our testimonials! We are proud that WORD OF MOUTH and REPEAT BUSINESS is responsible for the majority of our sales.Whether you have 1 forklift driver or 100, if you choose to train with us you will experience our dedicated and professional service, and enjoy our fun and interactive training programme.

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Be safe | Be legally compliant | Save on premiums

Personal, genuine service

Our instructors have been specifically chosen for their commitment to health and safety AND their fun and outgoing personalities. They quickly make students feel at ease which results in them becoming more involved in the course and therefore being open to the topics discussed and understanding the part they play in creating a safe, productive and cost effective workplace.

How we deliver our training

At our site

  • Allows you to keep your production and business running by sending drivers to training 1 or 2 at a time
  • Competitive rates when you only have one or two to train
  • Don’t tie up your forklift when beginner training is required on it for over half a day
  • We have weekends available so training doesn’t interfere with production schedules

At your site

  • Drivers are trained in an environment and on equipment they will continue to use – this has a direct impact on reducing property and product damage
  • The employee is more comfortable in their regular environment and therefore more likely to ask questions and engage more
  • Employees are available to go straight back to work afterwards (an experienced operators course only takes half a day)
  • No travel cost or inconvenience incurred


  • Theory is completed online at a time that suits…it can be stopped and started as workloads permit
  • The practical assessment can be done at our site or yours (only take ½ hour)
  • Theory can be done on a phone, ipad, computer…when on a train, plane or any time that suits