ASWEFA implements procedures that result in an ongoing safer working environment, less product damage and fewer machine repairs due to operators using the machine in the correct manner.

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Be safe | Be legally compliant | Save on premiums


  • Get reductions on your ACC Levies
  • Training can be done at your site or ours
  • Multi-lingual Instructors
  • Available for 1 person or large groups
  • Multi-lingual Instructors
  • Registered Forklift Instructors and Courses
  • Experienced operators can do their training online

Have confidence in your training provider

All ASWEFA Instructors and Courses are Competenz Registered. We also have MITO, Connexis, InfraTrain and New Zealand Transport Agency Registered Assessors for Forklift (F), Wheels (W), Tracks (T), Rollers, Dangerous Goods (D) Endorsement Courses. This assures you that you are receiving a thorough and high standard of training at all times! Don’t risk paying a similar price for training that is not moderated or registered…this could cost you dearly in the long run.

Covid Lockdown Level 4

Make use of your time during lockdown by reducing your training requirements in Level 2.

Purchase training for only $20 now, balance due on the date of assessment. You will only need a 1/2 hour assessment at Level 2 instead of a 1/2 day course for experienced/renewals. You will only need a 1/2 day at Level 2 instead of a full day for beginner training.